Delivery times

Delivery times apply to orders of up to 30 modules. Please contact us for larger order quantities.

Due to the current border controls and the daily changing situation in light of COVID19 the current shipping times have increased.



Monocrystalline HE Tec

X63 Premium

X63.325: 12 weeks

X63.330: 12 weeks

X63.333: 12 weeks

X63.340: 10 weeks

X63.345: 10 weeks

X61 Premium

X61.265: 6 weeks

X61.270: 6 weeks

X83 Premium

X83.325: 10 weeks

X83.330: 10 weeks

X83.333: 10 weeks

X81 Premium

X81.260: 6 weeks

X81.265: 6 weeks

Project modules


P23.325: 12 weeks

P23.330: 12 weeks

P23.333: 12 weeks


S83 Sol Premium

S83.320: 12 weeks

S83.325: 12 weeks

S83.330: 12 weeks

S81 Sol Premium

S81.255: sold out

S81.260: sold out



2. Quarter 2022