Meet Manuela from our Production Department
Manuela lives in Prenzlau, a small town whose origins are dated back to the Stone Age, as documented by various archaeological finds. She used to work for a local archaeologist before. She labelled all finds, such as stones or bones. Today she spends her working time together with high-tech machineries and robots.

What’s more important in production: robots or human beings?
Well, human beings are of course more important and specifically our manual labour. Robots are only supporting and facilitating our daily job.


You’re one of the first aleo associates, having started in 2002. How did production change since then?
It really changed. In Hall 1 for instance all production processes are now semiautomatic.

I speak a lot with my team. On the early shift we normally meet for our daily review.

What does it mean?
For the associates it is a tremendous relief. Back in those days everything was handmade, but today by laying up or by glass washing, machines are really helpful. As an example the film is now automatically positioned on the panel surface, while earlier we used to do that manually.


In which production steps are you involved?
As shift supervisor I’m involved in every production step. I need to control everything, since I’m often questioned if something goes wrong. No matter if it is the string machine or the laminator, I’m always giving it a look. I never know whether I’m coming or going!

How can you manage to have everything under control?
I think it’s crucial to rely on colleagues. This way everyone will be properly accomplishing her or his tasks. But this works only if you know that your colleagues are doing well.


How do you succeed in doing that?
I speak a lot with my team. On the early shift we normally meet for our daily review together with area managers, engineers, colleagues from the maintenance team and associates from process engineering or quality management. I chair the meeting and tell what was done the last 24 hours: disruptions, targets reached or missed, module type produced. And then I also introduce what we will do during the day, if there will be test drives for instance. This way everyone of us is well prepared for the job.

aleo is currently working with a 3 shift system. Which one of the 3 does suit you best?
The night one, because it’s calmer. We will be introducing an additional shift, so we will be finally working with a 4 shift system and will also be operative during weekends.

How does your life look like when you work all night long and finish at 6am?
First thing first is having a cup of coffee as soon as I reach home after the night shift. Then I plan all the activities I need to do when I wake up at 2pm. I’ve been working this way for the past 13 years and I cannot think of anything better. With the night shift I simply have more spare time left.


What do you do in your spare time?
Every minutes I have free I’m busy with the house. We are currently renovating the hallway. I don’t really know what it means sitting still, a part when I head to Norway and go fishing with my husband. There I need to keep quiet if I want fishes to bite.