2400 aleo modules in largest photovoltaic system of San Marino

At the Paris Conference on Climate San Marino was one of the smallest players, but the small state iss genuinely successful in protecting the environment. When signing the climate treaty last month in New York, San Marino´s Environment Secretary of State confirmed that the Republic will continue to contribute to climate protection. How it can practically succeed, the Secretary of State Antonella Mularoni had demonstrated during the inauguration of San Marino’s largest photovoltaic system: The 700-kW solar power plant with aleo modules will prevent more than 500 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

The record-plant of San Marino produces green electricity on the company building roof of Colorificio Sammarinese. Occasion of the installation was the renovation of the roof. “For us as a manufacturer of environmentally friendly paints and enamels it is a logical step on the road to sustainable production to have an own photovoltaic system “, says Managing Director Giulio Caramaschi. The traditional company targets in the production of water-soluble and non-toxic paints to a minimum resource consumption. The environmentally friendly power from the roof of the company building is consumed by the enterprise itself, feeding the surplus power into the grid.

The system was installed by Prometeo Energy S.r.l. The experienced solar specialist from Serravalle, San Marino has more than 2,400 high-performance monocrystalline modules from aleo solar arranged on the 4,000 square meters roof area that the current yield optimal fit throughout the day and in all seasons to the energy demand of Colorificio Sammarinese. “With its sustained high profitability of the German manufacturer aleo solar modules are a safe investment,” says the technical team of Prometeo Energy. A company benefits from savings on energy costs and climate-friendly power generation.

2400 aleo modules on the company building roof of Colorificio Sammarinese, San Marino