Aleo Solar and DC Solar Integrators LLC completed a 330 kWp commercial rooftop project in New Jersey with HE Tec 300W modules. The German module manufacturer sees growth prospects on the US market with 310W+ PERC modules.

aleo solar GmbH, that who recently joined CALSEIA, started commercial shipment of its HE Tec PERC modules to the US market less than six months ago. The modules are equipped with solar cells made-in-Germany, manufactured by its subsidiary aleo Sunrise GmbH, based on the CELCO® technology of its parent company Sino-American Silicon Products. Sino-American Silicon Products leading position in the PERC arena, has been recently highlighted by the market research firm EnergyTrend in its latest report covering the booming cell technology.

Residential and commercial rooftops for target:
DC Solar Integrators LLC, a New Jersey based solar company, completed the first major commercial project using aleo’s technology. The company installed 1110 modules of 300W (333 kW) on the building’s rooftop of Blanc Display Group, whose headquarters are located in Dover, New Jersey. According to Didier Blanc, President of Blanc Display Group, the made in Germany quality as well as high wattage and efficiency enabling the company to cover more than 80% of its energy needs with solar energy, were decisive in their choice. Douglas Heck, President of DC Solar Integrators LLC , was also pleased with the easiness of installation of the modules as well as the price competitiveness of the technology that beats « hands down », according to his words, other high power module manufacturers.

“Residential and commercial rooftops are the natural fit for our technology”, declares Giovanni Buogo, Head of International Sales at aleo solar. “We launched our products on the US market with a very clear value proposition : we offer serenity and performance to PV power plant owners, thanks to best-in class German quality and unrivaled technology, with our 60 cells-300W+ range that comes with up to 25 years product guarantee”, adds Giovanni Buogo

60cells-310W modules available:
The Dover project modules were supplied by Renvu, a California based distributor, that first commercialized HE Tec 300W+ modules across the country. aleo solar recently started delivering 60 cells-310W modules to Renvu, giving the distributor an edge to tap into the growing base of residential and commercial rooftop installers looking for high power modules at a competitive price. “While the industry is reaching the 300W threshold, aleo solar is the only manufacturer able to deliver made-in-Germany PERC modules with 310W and up to 25 years product guarantee, offering a compelling alternative to more expensive high power modules”, concludes Giovanni Buogo.

About aleo solar
aleo solar GmbH produces high-performance modules in Prenzlau (Brandenburg, Germany) and is a system provider for the international photovoltaic market. With around 330 employees and manufacturing experience since 2001, the company has an excellent know-how in module production. Since 2014 aleo solar belongs to the wafer and solar cell manufacturer SAS (Sino American Silicon Products Inc.) headquartered in Taiwan Hsinchu. Thus, aleo solar is part of a powerful solar manufacturer, which maps the entire photovoltaic value chain, from development and production of high-performance ingots, wafers and cells to the delivery of the solar module.

About SAS
Established in 1981, SAS (Sino-American Silicon Products Inc.) is the largest supplier of 3” ~ 12” wafers domestically at present, possessing complete production lines. Major products include semiconductor, solar and sapphire, application expands to solar, photovoltaic and daily energy. Owing to contribution of management team and entire staff, SAS operation performance always breaks record. Whether in terms of providing technology and information, developing products cooperatively, or sales/service quality, SAS has received firm approval from both domestic and foreign customers, and been rewarded as best seller of the year. In 2011, SAS was ranked third runner-up in Business Next Magazine Taiwan INFO TECH TOP 100.