aleo solar equips the new National Training Centre of the French Tennis Federation

While the French Open is in full swing, not far from the fields, the National Training Centre (CNE) of the French Tennis Federation (FFT) is training the promising young French tennis players. Equipped for almost a year with brand new facilities, fulfilling the highest standards for green construction and producing solar electricity thanks to aleo solar’s high-efficiency solar panels, the CNE has a cutting edge infrastructure for its future champions.

For 25 years, the CNE has trained 80% of the best French tennis players, from Noah to Tsonga. To promote this momentum further and stay at the top, the institution needed to refresh outdated equipments. It is now done with this training centre whose construction, started in 2013, ended during summer 2015.
On 1,3 hectares, the centre hosts 6 indoor courts as well as a unique « technological » court whose equipment will enable a thorough analysis and improvement of players’ game. The CNE also comprises 4 outdoor courts, facilities for the Technical National Direction, a medical centre and accommodation for players.

Fulfilling the French highest standards for green construction, the new CNE is also in line with Paris’ city Climate Plan. Drafted for the first time in 2007, this plan’s goal is to decrease the greenhouse gases emissions of the city by 75% until 2050, compared to 2004 level.

The photovoltaic array at the CNE is made of 98 high-efficiency modules S19 290W of aleo solar. The plant construction has been entrusted to Enerpur, a Paris based PV specialist. « We have chosen aleo solar modules because it was one of the very few manufacturers of the market able to provide powerful enough modules to fulfill the objective of PV production of the building. Moreover, as we have been working with aleo for several years, we knew the high reliability and performance of their products” declares Louis Sirand, CEO of Enerpur.








98 modules aleo S19.290