Intersolar: aleo presents new premium solar panels from the LEO series
aleo solar is presenting its new LEO premium panel series at Intersolar. The solar panels will be available as glass-foil panels for on-roof and in-roof installation. The roof-mounted panels feature one model which is one half-cell string shorter. Both panel sizes can be interconnected. Thanks to the flexible range of sizes, it is possible to optimise the use of space on almost any roof.
The LEO family has a suitable panel for practically every application. The full-size flagship LEO panel (1,752 x 1,144 x 40 mm) with 108 half-cells made of monocrystalline silicon with a white back sheet delivers a peak output of 405 watts. The short model with 96 half-cells delivers 360 watts. The LEO black model with a black back sheet and identical dimensions is available for operators who require a consistent and elegant look for their solar plant.
High efficiency for the entire service life
aleo minimises series resistance by using silicon half-cells with ten busbars, thus maximising the efficiency of its premium panels. Instead of flat wires, thin, round wires are used, so that more light enters the cells.
The closely arranged busbars not only increase the efficiency, but also the durability of the panels by providing alternative current paths. aleo thus prevents a major cause of the diminishing output of solar panels over their service life. In addition, the tried-and-tested upright packaging method of the panels prevents damage and defects from occurring during transport.
Maximum solar power harvest with minimum ecological impact
aleo photovoltaic panels incorporate consistent climate protection right from the manufacturing stage. aleo produces its LEO solar panels in Germany. This ensures short transport distances. In addition, 100 percent of the electricity used for panel production comes from renewable energies.
“For climate and environmental protection, it is important to achieve the highest possible solar power harvest over the years, whilst using as few resources as possible. That’s why we not only attach great importance to maximum efficiency, but also to the long service life of our panels,” says William Chen, CEO of aleo.
The LEO panels are also larger than their predecessors. This means that more solar power can be installed in less time. Nevertheless, they can withstand high snow loads (up to 8,100 Pa pressure) and storms (3,600 Pa suction). They are also certified for extreme conditions such as salt mist in coastal regions, desert regions or ammonia from animal sheds.
The principle of longevity also applies to the details. For example, aleo uses original MC4 connectors with MULTILAM technology. The spring-loaded contact fins ensure that the losses on the connectors remain low over the entire service life.
The 25-year product and performance guarantee underpins the long service life of LEO panels. In the event of a warranty claim, the company bears the whole cost of replacing the panels.

Diverse options for roof- and building integration


The LEO Sol in-roof variant also comes in all black, with a peak output of 330 watts and a size of 1,169 x 1,607 x 17 mm.



New Series by aleo solar GmbH
LEO 405 Wp
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