High efficiency solar panels

Our monocrystalline PERC technology with power classes up to 310W help get more solar energy to power everything you need.

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Concentrated solar power. Endless possibilities.

Electricity is everywhere. Look around you — there are always more needs to be satisfied with solar electricity. Our products are designed to bring solar panel efficiency to new heights, ensuring you get the best out of the energy you rely on. Whatever the space, aleo can power it.

More energy. Simple as that.
Our 60 cells high efficiency modules achieve power classes up to 310W. We’ve also improved their design to help them produce 5% more energy per kW than our previous generation, no matter the time of day.


25 years product guarantee

Finishing touches

Dimensions [mm]
1660 x 990 x 50
Weight [kg]
Cell number
Back cover
Front cover
Cell type
Power range
High efficiency solar panels
Power up to 310W
Up to 25 years product guarantee
60 high-performance CELCO cells
10% more powerful than industry average
5% more yields than conventional technologies
Monocrystalline HE Tec