Sustainability is part of our DNA

Sustainability is far more than just a trend for us. aleo was founded over 20 years ago by solar pioneers armed with the vision to fight climate change. We want to make solar energy more accessible and produce panels that generate green electricity for generations to come.

Only a panel that really works trouble-free for a long time and harnesses a lot of solar energy at the same time is truly sustainable.

Committing to the best environmental standards

DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

We are committed to the highest environmental standards & beyond! As early as 2011 we introduced a certified environmental management system in our production. This helps us even better to control and reduce the impact of our materials and production processes on the environment. – Reduction of waste – Optimise energy and water consumption – Reduce CO2 emissions.

DIN EN ISO 50001:2018

As a manufacturing company, the efficient use of energy and the resulting potential to save energy is of central significance. We continuously check where we can save energy. Doing so, we don’t just look at the production activity itself, but at the entire value chain. – Transparency of all energy flows in the company – Improvement of energy consumption and energy efficiency – Reduction of CO2 emissions

ISO 45001

With the ISO 45001 certification, we also prove that we are aware of our social responsibility and that this goes far beyond the minimum requirements for occupational health and safety.

Powering today with tomorrow in mind

Made in Germany

We are a local company with our one and only profuction facility in Germany. More precisely in the heart of the Uckermark, surrounded by lakes, fields and nature reserves. Such a treasure in front of our eyes reminds us every day why environmental protection and sustainability are important to us.


& deep-rooted locally


Whenever possible, we rely on partnerships with local suppliers for raw and auxiliary materials. And when it comes to transport, local production also benefits the environment: most of our customers are based in Germany or Europe and are happy that our panels come to them via short routes.

We produce with green energy

We produce electricity from our own PV panels and purchase 100% sustainable green electricity to cover the consumption of our production facility and administration.

Our approach to human rights

All people deserve respect. That is why we promote and support the universal understanding that human rights are rights to which everyone is equally entitled simply by virtue of being human. Human rights are important to us not only within our own operation, but also within our supply chains and with our business partners. It is of particular concern to us that our suppliers respect human rights both in their own operations and in their own supply chains.